Menu Setup

The template has an inbuilt static CSS dropdown menu based in the nav module position.

Setting up the inbuilt menu

  • Login into the Joomla administrator
  • Go to Extensions → Module Manager
  • Select New → Menu
  • Choose nav from the Positions dropdown
  • Select List from the Menu Styles dropdown
  • Set Always Show Sub-Menu Items to Yes
  • Save
Video Tutorial Currently Available! Launch the Joomla Menu Setup Video Tutorial now!

How to create Child / Sublevel menu items in Joomla

In order for menu dropdowns in Moomenu and Suckerfish, and the dropline / side column items of Splitmenu to appear, you need to setup parent and child menu items.

  • Login into the Joomla administrator
  • Go to Menu → Menu Name
  • Select a menu item that you wish to be in the dropdown
  • Locate the Parent Item form
  • Select the menu item that you wish for your item to appear under
  • Save

Perform the same task for all menu items that you wish to be child items.

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